New Projects Help Fuel Steady Growth at Final Mile Logistics

New Projects Help Fuel Steady Growth at Final Mile Logistics

Mercury Air CargoThe focus is on steady growth at Final Mile Logistics, where the company is engaged with one of their biggest customers, PAE, a defense and government services contractor.

Currently, the team at Final Mile is working with PAE on an airport damage repair project. The project involves procuring approximately 550 specialty ocean freight containers and positioning them at a cement factory in the Midwest. There, they are packed full of special containers to hold the cement called super sacks.  The cement is a special cement ideal for runways that can withstand plane takeoffs and landing, and it is only available in two factories in the United States. FML is also tasked with moving the containers to their required destinations, primarily military base operations in Korea, Germany and Japan. 

The company is bidding on similar projects with PAE.

“They come up from time to time, and they’re interesting projects, and if we win them, it’s good for us as well,”

said Chris Dale, CEO at Final Mile Logistics.

Dale explained that there are certain requirements of these types of projects at which his team has become quite adept, which gives them an advantage. “For one, we can do quick turnarounds of quotes, because we understand the business,” Dale said. “Secondly, it’s a good teaming opportunity with PAE,” he said.

Additionally, Final Mile Logistics won a bid to be the prime contractor on a project for the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). The contract involves supplying delivery services along the Trans Arabian network, primarily from Bahrain to most of the Arabian-area network, including Kuwait, Iraq, and Jordan.

Dale said the DLA contract began in April as a bridge contract, and they have put in a bid for the 5-year award. “We feel that this opportunity, to be the prime contractor on the bridge contract, will help us from a past performance perspective when we’re now bidding on the five-year contract award,” Dale said. The bid is for approximately 25,000 trucks of cargo.

Finally, Dale also said he’s currently looking for another salesperson. 

“We need to continually fuel our new customer pipeline to achieve our growth targets.  Having resources dedicated to making that happen helps ensure our goal is achieved,”

Dale said.